Looking for a Best 3D Printer For Home? It can be a challenging task to get a best home 3D printer due to a number of models available in the market offered by different brands.That’s why we prepared this list of top best 3D printers for home use by doing a research on multiple platforms to help you pick the best one.

Best 3D Printer For Home

See this home printers reviews list to penetrate more deeply into each printer to pick the perfect one.

1) Ultimaker 3 Extended Home 3D Printer

Ultimaker 3 3D Printer ReviewIn out consumer category, the top printer is none other than Ultimate 3 Extender, with an overall great rating compared with other brands models it’s the best one.It offers a build height of 10cm to the users with the same set of functionalities.

It features a swappable “print cores” optimised for build or soluble support materials allowing the ability to print geometries which are not easy to print on single extrusion printers that user-specific build material for support.

The UM3 Extended 3D printer also boasts a unique lift switch which raises the second nozzle while not in use so it doesn’t interept the print.It also comes with an auto-leveling bed feature which makes it a reliable printer capable of running print after print without requiring much maintenance.You can get the help from Ultimaker guides and customer support in case you need to do maintenance because Ultimaker has a great community helping users to start printing immediately.

Another great benefit of Ultimaker is it’s free Cura software which helps users making models using optimised material profiles and send them to print through wireless using Wi-Fi.Which then allows the users to watch the print live using the UM3 Extended in-built camera.

With these pretty intensive features don’t expect a low price tag, it’s an expensive printing machine but this high-end machine is compact enough to keep anywhere and used by anyone with little to no experience due to its high-quality guidelines that comes with it.

Overall, Ultimaker offers a handful of features like an auto-leveling bed, dual extrusion along with the soluble support, Wi-Fi connectivity to send files through phone or computer to the printer.Allowing to your make your desired 3D design with any material.The Ultimaker is the best choice for a home.

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2) Raise3D N2 3D Printer For Home

Raise3D N2 ReviewThe Raise3D N2 is the first 3D printing machine to be featured as best earning the highest rating by the consumers makes it a most recommended machine for making 3D prints.

Raise3D located in Costa Mesa, California specializes in creating professional machines for professional users.All machines offer a fully enclosed design for improved safety when using ABS for printing in an office environment.

The Raise3D N2 offers a solid build quality in an awesome price range is labeled as a best 3D printer for home by many consumers in the market.It has a frame made of aluminum with the enclosure comprised of Acrylic, Polycarbonate and ABS.

Due to the metal hot-end, you are able to create parts in ABS, PLA, PC, PET-G, Alloy910, Ninjaflex and more.It’s excellent build quality and all-metal hot-end means all the users have heralded the N2’s precision and amazing print quality.

A 3D printing business owner spoke about this printer as an amazing printer with great quality, reliability and great precision in the affordable price range for home users.As it gives a nonstop printing with no maintenance required.

If you ever failed at print or have an unfortunate power outage you have the option to use the print resume feature of this printer machine which allows you to continue the print right from where you left it in the incident.

It’s perfect for intermediate and experts, N2 with a great high price tag features a large build value of 305×305×305 mm.This bigger build volume means you can easily create bigger prototypes or multiple parts objects within one print.Build volume was considered as a benefit of owning this machine by the majority of users.

Most of the times all machines do give few frustration points.Same with Raise3D N2 with it’s two predominant areas of concern addressed which includes the software for printing and the actual size of the printing machine.

Don’t just count the only build volume as a bigger advantage for the printer but it’s the best machine in every regard like touchscreen control panel to manage the settings of the printer and easily navigate through multiple options available in the printer.

Overall this robust 3D printer marks great features like high-quality build finish, excellent quality of prints and touchscreen navigation makes it one of the best 3D printer for home users.

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3) Form 2 3D Home Printer

Formlabs Form 2 ReviewThe Form 2 is one of the best 3D printers by Formlabs for prosumer category and being a popular resin-based desktop 3D printer it comes in a metal base design and iconic orange enclosure, featuring a 40% larger build volume compared with its predecessor 1+, at 145×145×175mm this printing machine is the best solution for users who require highly accurate 3D objects printed.

It’s sliding mechanism gently removes the object out of the print bed in preparation for the very next layer of print, where on the other hand the self-heating resin tank quickly warms the resin to a consistent temperature making it a best 3D printer of its kind.

In this reliable print process, you get the best quality print without sacrificing speed.It features an automatic resin system which makes sure that the amount of resin inside the tank is always stable.

Many reviewers labeled it as an extremely well printer giving great build quality, high print quality and precision.Many called it as their go-to machines for printing.You might see many variables to producing a great object but once you get used to this machine its aesthetics won’t let you use any other one.

While it’s the favorite 3D printer for many users but many users might now find it’s price and materials favorable.This machine with great and high-quality printing capability serves the purpose that customers would agree on.

Prints made using SLA filament require little more effort for post-processing, but they pay off decently which is worthwhile.The running costs of Form 2 can add up slowly as their standard liquid resin which is used for making prints costs good and resin tank itself needs the replacement for every 2 liters of printed resin.

Formlabs are continuously releasing their PreForm slicing software for printing and the prints support materials has become easier to remove compared with their earlier version.

Overall the Form 2 with a decent number of features does own a decent bigger price tag labeled as a high-end printing machine is recommended for professionals and architects.

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