Cults3D Review- A Free STL Files Repository

The plethora of benefits that 3D printing provides is undoubtedly huge. And, as the technology is advancing to show its even better outcomes, the applications have surged too. With that said, the demand for predesigned STL files has also increased.

Not everyone working with 3D printers have the skills for creating digital files. Hence, they depend on online repositories. Though there are many options when it comes to downloading free STL files, very few stick to the desired quality. And, one such platform is Cults3D.

The platform was created in 2014. Cults3D does not belong to any specific group, hence, it is the first independent 3D files marketplace for those seeking high-grade 3D files.

The immense database that the platform features have plenty to offer to its subscribers. One can search for designs from different niches in one place on Cults3D. The popularity of the site is taking not surprising at all.

The fact that the website has a huge number of unique designs and hundreds being added every other month, isn’t common across such platforms.

The best part about this website is its user-friendly design. It has been created taking care of the different levels of users accessing the platform. Anyone who wants to scroll through amazing designs without looking at the common files must check out Cults3D.

What is Cults3D?


Before going there, let us talk about STL files first. So, what is an STL file and why is it so important for 3D printing? A 3D printer needs input to get the desired print. And, this input is fed in the form of STL files, also known as the digital footprint of the parts of objects one wants to print with the help of 3D printers.

Without an STL file or other formats of digital files, it is impossible to print using 3D printers. Moreover, the quality of design very much matters to the quality of print that one creates using 3D printers.

Hence, it is important to have a well designed 3D file if one wants to succeed with 3D printing. Understanding the importance of 3D files, one must get an idea of how important these online repositories are.

What if, one is starting to print with 3D printers for the first time, and have no experience with designing using 3D modeling tools?

In such scenarios, these online repositories come handy. And, Cults3D is one of the most popular and most visited online repositories for high-quality STL files.

The platform offers a wide range of selection options for STL files. Either you are looking for simple designs prepared by armature or want to print something unique offered by professional designers, this 3d printing design website has it all.

The website features different categories and hence, makes it easy for everyone to search for it. You can look into art, architecture, fashion and many other relevant categories to find out what you are trying to print.

There are free as well as paid models. So, if you have any problem creating an STL file or by yourself, you can definitely use this platform to expedite your 3D printing process.

With access to original and premium 3D files that can be downloaded from their online repository, Cults3D is one of its kind in France.

Is Cults3D Popular?


Cults3D Co-Founders, Sunny Ripert (Left), Pierre Ayroles (Middle), Hugo Fromont (Right)

This question is too easy to answer. There are too many statistics to support the same. Currently, the website has about 650,000 international members and makers registered to the platform. Isn’t that fascinating?

Because of their popularity, the platform claims to be welcoming more than 1,000 new users every day and almost 8,000 new members every week. This clearly illustrates the dominance of Cults3D in the world of online 3D file repositories.

The platform hosts around 70,000 designs which are contributed by a community of 6,500 designers who are highly specialized in 3D printing.

While few websites are freezing without much of contributors to hold the demand, Cults3D already has a huge number of online contributors making the site elite and wonderful.

Not just that, the platform receives more than 35,000 visits each day, adding to 800,000 visitors every month.

Only the home page is being checked out one million times per month. As of this date, the platform has more than 5 million page views per month.

By checking the geographical distribution of users that spreads across 45% Europe, 40% Americas, 10% Asia and 5% Others one can imagine the fame the platform has gathered in very little time. And, it is all because of the great designs and ease of accessing the website offers.

When looking at the social media accounts, the platform seems to have maintained a huge fan following. Facebook accounts for 12.2 k fans while Instagram has a total of 41.9 k followers.

The Twitter account has around 8 k followers and LinkedIn totals for 20 k connections. Pinterest isn’t left too. It has around 14 k followers. With such huge organic fan followings, it won’t be wrong to consider Cults3D the best online 3D files repository.

Who Can Use Cults3D?


Anyone. Those who like to explore the depth of 3D printing and its possibilities can check out the platform. It won’t disappoint you. The platform is built to serve everyone.

Doesn’t matter if you are professional or have not tried 3D modeling even for once. As soon as you get on this platform, you are as important as any other user accessing the website.

However, there are plenty of paid and free 3D modeling software for you to choose from if you wish to try one.

What Makes Cults3D So Enticing?

There are many reasons why Cults3D has been acknowledged as one of the most established 3D files repositories in such a short span of its existence.

From offering STL files to letting users explore the nuances of 3D printing, this website has won hearts through its uniqueness.

There may be a lot of other online repositories present at the moment, but the experience that Cults3D offers is beyond explanation.


If you have ever used a 3D repository files, you may have noticed the issues that these platforms suffer from.

From having too much of common 3D files to a lesser number of premium designers contributing to the platform, all these make online repositories a difficult pass through.

However, this is not the case with Cults3D. This platform is very cool and friendly. You would know the difference by using any other repository and then trying Cults3D.

Unique and Premium Designs: Unlike many other similar websites, the online repository features a number of unique designs that won’t be found anywhere else.

It has a lot many new and fresh 3D files among all categories it features, makes the platform a must-visit for those belonging to the 3D printing niche.

Because it offers such quality and premium designs, the platform is even considered by those already well versed with the 3D modeling software. It has something for everyone. Either armature or professional, everyone gets to learn something from this website.

User-Friendly Website: The platform has tried to send the right message to the users of the 3D printing community. By maintaining a user-friendly design of the website and hassle-free search option, Cults3D confirms that it is for everyone. It has been designed to take care of the comfort of the users.

The website is very well planned and the sorting related to the most viewed and popular searches make it easy to get to the models one is looking for.

Not just that, the well-organized database, make the search task easier and faster. One would love to go through the different designs and recommendations from the platform.

Free and Paid Designs: As mentioned above, the platform is for everyone. One can choose the free download options or pay some amount to access the premium designs.

This ensures that none of the users is left aside. The top-notch STL files that can be downloaded and printed directly have gained huge popularity among the subscribers.

You can delve into the world of 3D printing even if you haven’t done it before. This is made possible by Cults3D. Even if you are armature and like to print something premium, you can pay for it and print it without any problem.

Available in Three Languages: The website is available in three languages: English, Spanish and French. It again shows that the platform aims at reaching as many 3D printing lovers as possible. This is a positive head away for Cults3D. And, has helped it to be in demand among users from different ethnicity and community.

3D Optimized Models: The models are very well optimized for 3D printing. Once you download the models, you can print them directly. This helps in making 3D printing a piece of cake for even those who are new to the entire technology.

Models Can be Edited: The models downloaded by Cults3D can further be optimized as per your desire. For example, if you are not proficient at 3D modeling but can make the basic changes to the existing model, you can use 3D files from Cults3D and can try changes to the existing models. This helps in printing personalized designs without working from scratch.

Huge Database: The number of STL file available on online repositories is very crucial. The greater the diversity, the versatile is the platform. And, Cults3D exhibits a huge database for those looking for new designs every time they visit the website. The database is being expanded regularly and very often to ensure fresh choices are available to the users almost anytime.

Fast Speed: It sort of depending on your internet speed, however, the website loading and download time is very precise. Instead of waiting for long for models to load, one can make that quick and very easy.

Designs are Pre-Tested: The platform has gone one step ahead in ensuring the quality of the 3D files it features. The designs submitted by the designers are printed for testing and feedback is provided for the same. This not only helps the designers to better their work but also those downloading the STL file.

Social Network Feature: The platform not only offers 3D files download but also includes many social media features that are useful in many ways. One can follow favorite designers.

This way, one can stay notified about the new designs published by their favorite designers. The news feed is also available for users. One can create their account and stay in sync with the latest update by checking the news feed and notifications for new releases.

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The Conclusion

3D printing can be daunting at times, especially when one is not able to 3D design the model accurately. The resolution and precision of 3D printing depend highly on the models designed.

From getting the structure right to finding the best orientation, you may get stuck at various stages involved in 3D printing.

While it takes no pain when the model is printed, the prior steps are really challenging.

Unless you are sure that the design would work efficiently, you may end up destroying your model and material. On top of that, the efforts and time used in 3D printing the incorrect model may be overstressed.

So, why not download the designs that are sure to work? Every 3D file present on Cults3D can be reviewed and ranked. This further helps in the selection of 3D files that are popular and have provided the best results when printing using a 3D printer.

Cults3D has become a differentiating brand alongside the interface it offers. Cults3D being designed as a tribute to those passionate about 3D designing, and has been serving the 3D designers very well since its inception.

The platform has collaborated with professional designers and keep reviewing the files posted by them. Hence, providing a trusted network to all surfing on the website.

Apart from being a complete platform for all those seeking designs for 3D models, the website is more of a network. Once you get connected to it, you can keep a tap on what’s happening within the Cults3D community. A complete solution for those always looking for fresh and unique designs.

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