Formlabs Form 2 Complete Review 2021

Formlabs Form 2 ReviewThe Formlabs Form 2 is actually a 3D printer comes in the SLA variety that stands for stereolithography. You can say that it is opposite to common FDM which means fused deposition modeling type. As it uses the laser in order to make hard the print that comes from the pool of liquid resin. No doubt it is witchcraft by the future. As it comes with the feature of Wi-Fi, that can upload printers wirelessly. And the resin is dispensed automatically by the new cartridge system.

The point is that it is one of the great 3D printers you can have. But you need to burn more money.

Design of Formlabs Form 2

Form 2 is actually similar to form 1+ but with the change of touch screen which is on the front of its base. If you look it closely, you will find a hole through which the resin cartridge can be easily dropped. And it has a special wiper in the conjunction with the auto-healing system which has a purpose to stop hardness of resin and ruining your prints.

Especially thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi feature that means you no need to hang on to the computer to upload your prints.


As far as its setup is concerned, it comes with the cartridge that has to be inserted into it and its resin tank and wiper should be slotted into place and the whole printer is leveled upon its adjustable-screw stand.

And all in all thanks to its special spirit level touchscreen. During printing, you need to tell at first in which resolution you are going to have your print and which color do you want to choose. Formlabs’ resins allow a range of resolution from 0.1-0.025mm using Form2, but on the other hand, it is limited to 01-0.05mm. And even after selecting the size you can also allow PreForm to orient and add any sort of support according to the requirement of print as it is no doubt the flexibility. As such Supports are proved to be the necessary part of 3D printing in order to give the model integrity.


As we already know the resin tank fills in no time through the new cartridge system, and you need to take tension about your hands that will not get sticky.

It works at an operating temperature of about 30 degrees as that was not required in Form1+. Its wiper provides the resin a swish to get the process to punctuate. But you should be warned that its heating time is not factored in the calculated print time.

After building the final platform it does dip down in the canopy, as it is a mind-blowing experience. During watching all this procedure you will feel like Fraggle Rock’s Doozers are going to build actually a miniature venue for a little Jean-Michel Jarre.

As a matter of fact, it is not a quick process and covering all the stuff it took more than 10 is proved to be quieter than other best beginner 3d printer under 500. During work of lasers that makes almost no noise and on the other hand, every time the platform or object is lifted then the wiper swish the resin it seems or sounds like a photocopier performs a copy cycle.

Key Features:

  • SLA (stereolithography) 3D printing
  • Wi-Fi
  • 145 × 145 × 175mm build volume
  • h520 x w330 x d350mm
  • 13kg


Last but not least, it is not as cheap as you want because quality needs some extra money so keep in your mind that it is not at all cheap to run, but as the matter of fact it is capable of the best print quality that you can have from a desktop 3D printer.
  • Quiet
  • Wireless feature
  • Unsurpassed print quality
  • Touch screen operation
  • High ongoing Costs
  • Messier than FDM printing