LulzBot Mini 3D Printer Review

LulzBot Mini 3D Printer Review

The LulzBot Mini tries to cast a broad web for a significant viewers, ranging from personal buyers, libraries and institutions to businesses and universities that have to have a 3D printer for creation and prototyping.

A organization centered in Colorado, founder Aleph Objects has encounter producing 3D printers in the variety of two other LulzBot jobs, and the Mini is the most current undertaking into accessibility.

Right here is the in depth evaluate of this product or service.


In contrast to its more substantial counterparts, the LulzBot Mini foregoes the black rolled metal and as an alternative trades it in for an aluminum frame. It maintains a great deal of the same open-body layout as devices earlier, nonetheless, as it exposes all of the areas that can hurt wandering, careless fingers. That mentioned, as aesthetically pleasing as it could possibly be, it’s a weak alternative to have all over the youthful types without vigilant supervision.

The entrance of the system homes the USB port and significant crimson power button. This can make it convenient to use on many personal computers, earning it all the more moveable, although it does have to have to be tethered to a computer system when it prints an object. If your greatest target is to permanently area the unit in 1 location and use it on one computer system, nevertheless, you may possibly not be delighted with the free link.

Print Material

The Mini is able of printing with Abs plastic filaments as very well as PLA plastic filaments. It normally takes it a action even more than that, nevertheless, and allows the use of other components, these kinds of as the new, light-weight superior-effects polystyrene filament. It is not tough to print this materials due to the fact will affix to the bed at a reduce temperature. On best of that, it is resilient.

Print Top quality

Printing with the LulzBot Mini is easy, clean and able of tons of detail. In some cases, printing can end result in a few leftover slim filaments on the edges, but it’s straightforward to pull these off when the printing is complete. The print top quality is dependable across just about every variety of plastic substance as effectively.

Even though the print quality is mainly reliable across each and every kind of plastic product, you may possibly confront some issues with specific varieties of colorful resources. For instance, whilst pink plastic may well not seem a great deal different than regular PLA plastic, it will need fairly unique settings to achieve the identical layer adhesion.

At times, it is also attainable for the filament to develop into entangled in the course of the technique. When this happens, it can outcome in steady tangling that, still left unsupervised, may well result in snapping the filament and clogging the scorching areas, earning printing extremely hard without the need of intervention. This is not basically unique to the LulzBot Mini as the difficulty can manifest with other products, while on the other hand, with the open up body, it is a little bit simpler to see when it’s occurring early.

Print Velocity

In comparison to other contenders that provide the exact same type of layer height, the LulzBot Mini was regular in printing speed. A geometric sculpture on a fast environment can get about two hours though more substantial, specific versions can get seven hours or much more. This is on par with other equipment.

It is crucial to observe, nonetheless, it’s a bit noisy while it is receiving the occupation carried out. This is since it’s an open body and doesn’t shield any of the appears that emit from the print process. The relocating motors can build a higher-pitched whine that takes place all over the process, and it may well be audible even from yet another space.

Computerized Alignment

Just about each and every 3D printer that can use plastic filament generally involves a method that makes certain the extruder is effectively aligned with the develop system, which provides some excess time to the printing process. However, this is the initial time that LulzBot has provided an already-aligned layer of filament upon starting the printing.

LulzBot Mini CapabilitiesFeatures of LulzBot Mini Desktop 3D PrinterApplication

Suitable with Windows, Mac, and Linux, the provided Cura software package lets end users to import a 3D design and established it up to print via the LulzBot Mini. Other open-supply command plans are compatible with it if you desire not to use Cura. Notice that there are no bodily controls or SD card slots on the unit, so everything requires to be managed as a result of the laptop or computer though printing. Even so, this does permit for a streamlined, constant printing course of action.

Ideal of all, Cura is incredibly intuitive and athletics a clean up interface that does not cover anything at all. It allows you entry your 3D versions less than formats like OBJ and TSTL or a amount of impression information. From there, you can scale, rotate, change and in any other case manipulate them prior to committing to the ultimate print. In point, you can load a number of products to print all at when. Having said that, detailed manipulation is not doable as Cura is not manufactured to model 3D objects. It should also have no dilemma jogging in the background for the duration of the printing process.


  • Pace
  • Prints with increased element than other 3D models
  • Is effective with extra plastic elements
  • Open frame that enables you to see the procedure from get started to end
  • Compact and transportable


 LulzBot Mini Price tag

There’s no skirting close to it in this LulzBot Mini Desktop evaluation.  It’s an high-priced device. It is definitely not shut to the price of its rivals, but it also has a lot more options and capability to back it up. The LulzBot provides a lot more printing materials overall flexibility as properly as a improved print quality with its value tag. If you want to take into consideration close contender with comparable options, you could get a search at Makerbot Replicator Mini.


It’s hard not to like the LulzBot Mini. It’s appealing and rapid, and it does its occupation quite very well also. It’s a flexible unit capable of dealing with many extra products that other contenders do not, and the computer software is very intuitive for the user of any technological qualifications or experience amount.

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