MakerBot Replicator+ 3D Printer Review 2021

MakerBot Replicator+ Review

Let me tell you one thing that you can think about the MakerBot Replicator+ Desktop 3D printer as the furnished version of the original Replicator. As it comes with great features that are considered build volume, speed improvements, and further enhancements, its design over its already great predecessor.

It comes with the workflow features that are proved to be the use for the professional audience needed, and no doubt that it is quieter compared to its previous version. It is eye-catching because of its high end and general-purpose 3D printers.

DESIGN AND FEATURES of MakerBot Replicator

As far as its design and features are concerned, let me tell you that it comes by measuring 16.2×17.4×20.8 inches; hence, you can easily place them on a table or any bench. It comes with a weight of 35 pounds and 6 ounces.

It has a great transparent design that you can quickly check your printing mechanism and performance. It offers easy access to the print bed. It is larger in volume than its predecessors having 6.5×11.6×7.6 inches.

You can say it is 25percent larger than the previous one model. On the other hand, it is larger and fast by 30 percent than its previous one.

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This Replicator+ 3D printer uses 1.75mm PLA(polylactic acid) filament, which is sold in 2-pound spools for $48 for standard colors but to have unique colors, including neon and translucent, you need to spend $65.

As it is the high price for PLA. However, PLA is no doubt strong and flexible and proved to be the right choice for engineers or those who need consistency and durability. To load filament, you need to take tension because you need to press the Load Filament on the control panel.

After getting the extruder hot, you were instructed to put the end of the filament on the top of the extruder. Then gear grab filament and pull in. as loading is easy, so unloading is also easy itself.


It comes with great features of connectivity even through USB, Ethernet or Wi-Fi, but what you need is the MakerBot Mobile app which must be installed on your phone or tablet through which you can upload your prints. You can also even print your files using a USB thumb drive as it plug on the right side of the LCD.  This is proved to be the best connection choices I have ever seen comes with best 3D printers.


It can operate using a mobile app and no doubt it is as easy as you need to be. Using the app you can easily control your print tasks and even start or launch your print job. On the other hand, you can eve store and manage multiple objects. It provides a standard resolution of 200 microns, but you may switch to further high quality. Now Replicator+ has built-in CAD support. It links through peer to peer connection to the printer. Once you set that up, you will feel good!


As it comes in an open frame, there is always a risk of getting damaged or getting in danger by touching hand the hot extruder but this issue is almost resolved with Replicator+. Its extruder nozzle is placed back of its assembly and it is hard to reach there from the fronts or sides, even it is blocked from the top side by the carriage which grabs it tightly. No doubt its design is totally safe for adults and even for children as well.


All in all, The MakerBot Replicator+ is proved to be the great successor regarding Replicator Desktop, offering a large build area, quieter operation, improved speed, and also a powerful software solution that makes capable of managing individual files as well as to manage projects. It supports the new Tough PLA filament, which is flexible and robust. It has now become the best choice as a high-end general-purpose 3D printer. But it is best for the hobbyist or also for even individuals.
  • Very good print quality.
  • Powerful software.
  • Prints via USB, Ethernet and Wi-Fi.
  • Safe design for the open-frame printer.
  • Although not noisy.
  • Offers costly filament.
  • Setup through the Mobile app can be tricky.

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