Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer Complete Review 2021

monoprice best 3d printerAs the Monoprice Select Mini is particularly sheet steel construction, as it is a basic kind in an industrial way. You can have a look that they even don’t make an effort to hide their bolt heads.

But in order to prevent injury or any kind of damage, its important parts are totally covered. When you see this you will say that it belongs in a lab with a white-coated technician operating it.

But there is no doubt that science lovers love this very much, as it does not come with a touch screen but on the other hand, it has a nice tactile clicky wheel which is mounted on a fancy brushed steel plate.

One thing that you should keep in mind that this printer does not come with any filament but some of the stores gave statements that it comes with a sample filament that is build to have just a quick test and even it does not print an object. The fact is that you are totally free to use any kind of filament with this printer. But most people recommend Hatchbox Filament.

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Setup of Monoprice 115365

As far as its setup is concerned most of its manual says that it comes with pre-calibrated but most users said that you need some tweaking to the build plate to get it level. This can only be done by some experienced people who have the know-how of mechanical tricks. Just make sure while feeding the filament that cut the end of the filament at a 45-degree angle.


It is operated by the software that is recommended by monoprice like Cura, Repetier-G, or simply 3D printing software. No doubt that all are the best software and no one can find it difficult to use them.

But according to my experience, I would suggest Cura because it can easily prepare parts for you and also provide you with complete manual control that comes with everything in between.


The select mini comes with an SD card option that makes you capable to transfer your files easily to it so, in this way you can keep your laptop separate from it, its large enough color LCD makes this great doddle. I would like to say that you will need to keep it In a room through which you can move out and close the door. As its quality is proved to be very good even with few tweaks to build files that could easily be improved. As a matter of fact that its build side is a little slow but on the other side its Z-resolution is quite enough high that is what you pay for the quality part. You can even play with quality and speed by using this software.

When you will have a close look at its quality parts, you will notice most of the differences just because of the usage of software, but as we know very well that real art in 3D printing comes in the preparation of CAD models (STL files) that turn them into parts. As a matter of fact, Select Mini excels is willing to provide you such the freedom to play with software in such a way to produce 3D printing parts in very high quality.


Let me conclude that if you want to have fun with such best 3D printer then I would suggest you buy Monoprice Select Mini because it is proved to be a great value for your money at around $200.

Even for your children in engineering field interest to utilize a small amount of practical ability you must have this to fix the odd things.

It is actually a tool that allows you the enough power and freedom to utilize your engineering capabilities in an optimized way, I am damn sure that this will drive such a curious mind into a full fledge additive manufacturing engineer.

  • Great Software
  • Flexible printing for number of materials
  • Have slow Print time.
  • Budget Price