ROBO 3D R1 Plus 3d Printer Review

ROBO 3D R1 Moreover brings the world of 3D Printing down to earth. Whether or not you are on the lookout to personal one in the house/office environment or for Do-it-yourself projects, prototyping, and idea actualization, you now have what you need to have. What is extra, it does the job those far more pricey units that only up until eventually now were being in a position to complete.

3D Printing is turning into the most popular way to choose what is in your thoughts and convert all those feelings & visuals into truth. You can now generate actual objects in a way that is simple and mimics the printing of a prevalent website page of textual content.

Print Material

This unit uses spools of 1.75 mm filament in more than 15 various components.  This indicates you can fabricate your creations employing:

  • T-Glass
  • Ab muscles
  • Lay Wooden
  • HIPS
  • Carbon Fiber
  • TPU

You can build with the colours of the rainbow as nicely as a myriad of elements.

Layer Resolution

Here is in which the ROBO R1 furthermore truly shines as it can give you 100-micron accuracy in the ultimate output. This places the R1 Moreover on the stage of its other contenders that cost countless numbers more. This makes it ideal for the prototyping of new items, as this permits you to make precision components to make comprehensive-scale products of the concluded object that are exact and experienced wanting and never appear ragged around the edges.

Construct Volume

This item gives you just one of the largest make volumes readily available for a private/house/office intent at 10 x 9 x 8 inches that present you with a whopping 720 cubic inches of usable room to fabricate with. This is 2 moments what other contenders are capable of executing.

This implies you really do not have to restrict yourself to creating small styles and can build much larger and as a result more in-depth replicas of your concept’s style and last sort.

This combining the precision and quantity of size take the ROBO R1 Additionally into a new stage of 3D Printing.



The unit is compact and weighs in at only 28 kilos. It’s 20 X 18 X 21 inches physical dimensions let it be placed virtually anywhere in your perform space or on a desktop close to your workstation for benefit.

The ROBO R1 Additionally Functions

  • Filament form 1.74 mm
  • 15 + materials capacity
  • Footprint 20″ by 18″ by 21″
  • All metal Warm End
  • Print Quantity 10″ X 9″ X 8″
  • Computerized Calibration
  • Computerized Leveling
  • Heated Bed Plate – No extra warping or uneven output
  • SD card able – no computer needed
  • Body weight 28 lbs.
  • 6-thirty day period Substitution Warranty
  • 7X24 Support
  • On-line Documentation – Operations, changes, and tips for use
  • Computer software bundled
  • Templates accessible everywhere on the internet ex:
  • Cam capable input 

With the ROBO R1 Furthermore, you are only restricted by your imagination. All else is accomplished for you creating it one particular of the very best offers on 3D printing readily available these days.


This device has a broad wide variety of accessories.

  • Filament printing spools with above 15 materials to decide on from
  • Smoothing Pens
  • Cleansing filament
  • Protecting coatings for the concluded item
  • Extruder nozzle assortments
  • 3D scanners
  • Toolkits for shaping the concluded output
  • Specialised All Metallic Scorching Conclude upgrades
  • Digital Calipers for measuring the finished product


  • It is compact and can in shape anywhere.
  • This device comes with Heated Bed indicates correctly formed output with no uneven edges.
  • The output from this solution is clean and precise.
  • A broad wide range of components to fabricate from working with this device and a huge print volume that allows you establish actual sized replicas or finished items.


  • Initial established up is tough in the beginning.However, videos and seller’s aid will wander you through any troubles. 
  • Tech aid is ramping up to help this item. But they are inclined to get the means wanted to enable you do well in your jobs and ambitions.  
  • End users report setup and cleansing difficulties. (Which are not regular for this device) ROBO TS presents comprehensive replacement and support.

Shopper Scores and Critiques

Overall, the majority of the owner/consumer local community enthusiastic supporters of this products in their evaluations.  However, there have been number of scenarios of ruined machines as effectively as those people who would not make the effort to solve issues.  So, when this is all factored in this device comes in at 4. of 5 stars. This reviewer who digs considerably deeper and does comparisons throughout the 3D printing business costs the device at a 4.3 out of 5. Potential models require to be simplified to cater to people who want just one button procedure.

The ROBO R1 Moreover Value

This is exactly where the product or service beats the pack as it will come in at all over $800. Comparable models occur in at closer to the $1000 and up variety and others really don’t have the good quality or versatility of the R1 Moreover.

Final Ideas on The ROBO R1 Additionally

You now can get 3D printing out of the lab and carry it dwelling to help you realize your structure and entrepreneurial targets. If you are a hobbyist or DIYer you can generate a single of a form craft initiatives or do household reworking and renovation.