Tiertime UP mini 2 3D Printer Reviews 2020

Tiertime UP mini 2 ReviewTiertime UP mini 2 Review: First let me tell you that Tiertime manufacture both industrial 3D printers and desktop as well. It got good rating as it scored 4 stars out of 5 on average, in terms of reliability t scored 4 stars,as user friendly it got also 4 stars, in term of print quality it got aain 4 stars, as it is proved to be great in print quality and got again 4 stars and same in consistency, in range of materials it got 3stars…

Tiertime UP mini 2 comes with the following elements:

  • Quick Start Guide.
  • Tool kit: filament guide tube, Calibration card, USB cable, Nozzle wrench and Nozzle, Gloves.
  • Sample filament for ABS,ABS+ and PLA (50g for each series).
  • UP mini 2.
  • UP Fila Station.
  • UP mini 2 extruder V1.
  • Tiertime power supply 90W & power cable.
  • UP flex 120 print board(2).
  • Cell board for P mini(2).
  • Scraper,Pliers,hex wrench & spare screws.
  • 500g spool of ABS filament (1.75mm)

Design and Specification

I would just say that UP mini 2 looks no doubt great. Its fila station is actually over the top (fila station is actually is such casing where you put your filament). The outer part of this printer is fully covered with plastic material and even also the station. Its door is actually transparent so you can easily the inner platform glowing by LED light. It comes with a handle made of aluminum. All of this make this UP a very portable 3D printer.

Dimension & Weight

  • Dimension: 36.5×25.5×38.5 cm
  • Weight: 8.0kg

Print Properties

  • Print Jets: Single extruder.
  • Maximum Creator Size: 120x120x120mm / 4.72×4.72×4.72 inch.
  • Material: 1.75mm PLA plastic and ABS plastic.
  • Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm.
  • Compatible files: UPP, UP3, STL.
  • Build Platform: Heated with perforated Print Board or UP Flex Print Board.
  • Technology: FDM Printing.


  • Wi-Fi.


  • Windows Requirement: Win XP/7/8/10
  • Mac OSX requirements: Mac OSX
  • Description: Comes with UP software


  • It comes with one year warranty that is 12 months


In the first look I noticed on the 3D printer was actually touch screen. It provides clear instructions and it is easy to use. You will be happy to know that using this touch screen you can initialize and calibrate the 3D printer to get ready for printing. And using this you can also select the desired filament. The good thing of this 3D printer is that it automatically selects temperature for you.

UP Studio App

In order to use this properly you need to download the UP 2 app for printing. You can even upload your STL files for printing. After setting up your print option the software automatically begins to slice the model and then send to the printer.

One best solution for me that I simply connect my 3D printer via the provided USB cable. Then it becomes very easy to send files peacefully and successfully.

Print Results

By having this 3D printer you can have a lot of great features to have best print files. In the UP Studio software you can set fine tune and you can choose the infill, support and also layer thickness and you can do a lot more fine tuning. During printing if you open the door then printer stops automatically and after that if you insert that door back then you get the option to resume that again.

In the last, let me tell you that Tiertime UP mini 2 comes with the retail price of $599USD. As they offers minor software problems and make this printer with plug and play option then $599USD is actually no doubt a more than fair price for having such quality you own when buying the UP 2.
  • Great Build quality
  • Nice software inclusion
  • Expensive price tag

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