What Can You Make With a 3d Printer?


What Can You Make With a 3d Printer

If you’re in the market for a 3D printer, you might be wondering: “What can You make with a 3D Printer?” The easier question to answer is: “What can’t you make with one?”! If you have any hobbies or want to make your home and office more attractive and efficient, you can use a 3D printer to help. Read on for our 3d print ideas and tips on the practical, fun, and nerdy things yet useful 3d printed objects you can make for your home or office.

You can create hundreds of objects to help you out in the home, office, or at your favorite hobbies with a 3D printer. These ideas will make you more productive and ensure that you get the most out of products you already own! Here is the list of cool things to 3d print:

Cool Ideas to Create 3D Printed Objects at Your Kitchen

  1. Create a gripping Bottle Opener for twist bottles to protect your hands from callouses
  2. Print custom matching Salt and Pepper Shakers to liven up the table
  3. Make a Chip Clip to keep your snacks fresh
  4. Print a Nut Cracker and eat some nuts (they’re healthy!)
  5. Create an Orange Peeler to save time on another healthy snack, and add a citrus juicer so you can make life’s lemons into lemonade
  6. Make a whole collection of fun Twisty Straws
  7. Print a custom Knife Rack to keep your kitchen tools in one place
  8. Create a rack for Hanging Ladles, Spatulas, and other tools in a convenient place
  9. Print Measuring Spoons so you never mess up a recipe

Cool Ideas to Create 3D Printed Objects at Your Bathroom

  1. Print a custom Shower Head for an equally custom shower
  2. Create custom Soap Dishes or Dispensers and impress your guests
  3. Make a themed Toilet Paper Holder to bring your bathroom together
  4. Print a pair of Tweezers and tweeze your brows like a pro
  5. Create a Shower Organizer for more shampoo space
  6. Print a Spare Hair Comb for guests

Cool Ideas to Create 3D Printed Objects at Your Living Area

  1. Make plastic wrenches, hammers, screwdrivers, and other Tools
  2. Create an AA to C Battery Adapter so you never have to buy C batteries again
  3. Print and keep a spare Windshield Scraper to clear off the ice in the winter
  4. Make a Fly Swatter and smash those bugs
  5. Create Containers and Boxes to store and organize everything from silverware to coins
  6. If you have a bookshelf, creating custom Bookends can keep them looking both neat and stylish
  7. Print a cute Doorstop and impress your friends
  8. Make custom U-Hooks to hang on doors and store your coats
  9. Print custom Coasters to protect your tables from water damage

Cool Ideas to Create 3D Printed Objects at Your Office

In the office, 3D printed objects can help you manage your desk and protect expensive devices. Some ideas to try for coolest stuff to 3d print:

  1. Create Wire Managers to use at your outlets, on your desk, and at your PC so you never have to untangle wires again
  2. Print a Wall Outlet Shelf for your phone, so you can charge your phone while resting it in an upright position
  3. Make a Stand for your phone or tablet so you can watch content more comfortably
  4. Create an Earbud Holder so you don’t lose or damage your mini music delivery system
  5. If you use business cards at events, create a custom Business Card Holder so you don’t forget to bring them along
  6. Print a Money Holder so you don’t accidentally lose your hard-earned cash
  7. Create your own Paper Clips in any size or shape you like
  8. Print fun Desk Objects, like piggy banks, figurines of your favorite characters, and paperweights
  9. Make a custom Phone Case with a design that prevents you from dropping or breaking your precious device

Cool Ideas to Create 3D Printed Objects for your Hobbies

Artists, craftspeople, and musicians will find that there are thousands of useful items they can print to take their hobbies to the next level.

Our awesome 3d print  ideas:

  1. First, think about using your 3D printer to organize your hobby with printed box- or cup-style Organizers
  2. Like building? You can print your own legos and other construction Toys and put the custom finishing touch on a tough project
  3. If nature’s more your speed, try creating custom Bird Feeder and Bird House
  4. If you enjoy tabletop games, you can have fun creating your own games with 3D printed dice and other Game Pieces
  5. If you love makeup, you can create your own Compacts, brush handles, and palettes with a 3D printer
  6. Fans of fishing can create custom Fishing Lures and Hooks
  7. If you have a dog or cat, have fun creating Custom Tags for their collars
  8. Musicians can 3D print Replacement Parts for their instruments
  9. Guitarists can create a never ending supply of custom Guitar Picks
  10. If you love fashion and make your own clothing, you can 3D print your own custom Buttons, Clips, Buckles, and more
  11. Cosplayers will love the ability to create custom accessories to match their favorite characters
  12. Artists can 3D print models they’ve created to develop a physical portfolio of their work
  13. It’s easy to print and customize jewelry, headbands, belts, and even frames for glasses
  14. Whether you use keys or not, print an entire collection of Keychains—because they look cool

Cool Ideas to Customize or Improvise the Objects

3D printers are great for customizing or improvise the objects that you already own. Try these 3d printing ideas:

  1. Create your own frames for flat objects, like License Plates, Wall Outlets, and Light Switches
  2. Remove Knobs on your wardrobes, dressers, cabinets, and drawers, then replace them with custom 3D printed ones
  3. Make cases for small and delicate objects, like CDs and video game cartridges
  4. Customize your clothing by replacing Buttons and other decorations with your own 3D printed ones
  5. Are you an artist? Make your paint or makeup brushes look beautiful with custom Brush Handles
  6. Replace uncomfortable handles on tools and appliances with ergonomic 3D printed Handles
  7. Make jars easy to open by attaching a 3D printed Jar Handle
  8. Plastic bags digging into your hands? 3D print some Shopping Bag Handles
  9. Create a stylish Coffee Cup Sleeve that protects you from burns
  10. Attach a 3D printed Toothpaste Squeezer to your toothpaste tube so you don’t waste a drop
  11. Modify Handles on doors and cabinets to make them easier to grip

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Over to you.

We hope you enjoyed these cool ideas for getting the most out of your 3D printer. What ideas do you find interesting and fun to print? Did you print any useful object? Share here in the comment area.

Happy printing!